Boy Raises $700,000 For Hospice By Tenting Out For 500 Nights After Dying Man Provides Him a Tent


A random series of events made an 11-year-old boy a brave hero after a dying man gave him a tent.

Last year, just before the pandemic hit the UK, Max Woosey’s parents helped care for a neighbor, Rick Abbott, who had terminal cancer.

They realized the importance of the local North Devon hospice being able to help their neighbor stay in his own home, which was his last wish.

Shortly before he died, Abbott gave Max a present.

“Before he died, my friend Rick gave me his tent and made me promise to go on an adventure.”

Max realized that most of the hospice fundraisers have been canceled and the services have been closed due to COVID-19.

Using his plush toys to keep him cozy, he posted updates on his fundraising page while he waited for the pandemic to be over.

When the lockdown restrictions dragged on and warm summer nights turned into cold autumn frosts, Max refused to come in from the cold – and donations were received.

On October 12th he wrote: “Thank you for all the donations. I can’t believe how much I’ve collected. I’ve decided to camp for a year to see if I can get down to £ 20,000. “

The boy missed this goal and hit milestones of 100 consecutive days, then 200 days, then 300 days.

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His dog Digby was more than welcome to spend the night and keep this boy scout warm through the nights.

His tent blew during a storm in December, but he re-pitched it so he could cancel another day on his calendar. His father kept him company during Storm Bella and its 70 mph wind.

He even had to get a new tent when the first leaked.

When the Christmas season came, the family decorated his tent with lights and Christmas decorations. He slept outside, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of the guy in the red suit when his sleigh flew by.

Just give

Max’s mission caught national and international media attention and he was invited to camp next to the lion enclosure at London Zoo and in the Downing Street garden, according to The Guardian.

Last week, the Braunton boy celebrated his 500th straight night on an adventure fueled by tragedy but raised more than $ 770,000 from strangers around the world for the hospice’s life-giving ministry.

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