Caravan Gross sales Increase as Tenting Makes a Comeback


Melbourne, Australia, June 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Australian trailer sales hit a 30-year high in 2021, according to personal loan experts, Positive Lending Solutions. With international borders tightly closed and Covid-19 restrictions changing rapidly and constantly, Australians travel closer to home on vacation, making camping the preferred vacation activity for many.

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The caravan industry reports an average increase in caravan sales of 15% in January and February compared to previous years. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has forecast that a record number of caravans will be built and sold in the next 12 months – some industry experts are forecasting up to 25,000 units in the next year.

After this Victorias During the month-long lockdown in the second half of 2020, Victorians were extremely eager to get out and travel as much as possible. Due to the pandemic, Australia international borders are tightly closed for most countries except New Zealand and will remain so until at least 2022. tourism Australia encourages the Aussies to take a “home vacation” this year and take advantage of it all Australia has to offer before the international borders open up again at some point.

With international travel off the table, small outbreaks still happening in various locations across the country, and state borders often closing quickly and without notice, the decision to travel within one’s state is a popular choice with most Australians this year. How do you do it best? In a trailer.

While a large part of Australia The automotive industry is declining, the caravan industry continues to flourish. The caravan industry carries an average of over every year $ 20 million for the Australian economy, according to the caravan loan experts Positive Lending. In May of this year, around 750,000 mobile homes, caravans and mobile homes were registered Australia, and almost all of them are made in Australia.

For the foreseeable future, road trips and caravans will be the preferred means of transportation Australia and caravan sales are only expected to continue to rise. Positive Lending reports that caravan loan applications have grown exponentially since 2019, speculating that as camping grows in popularity, boat finance applications may be the next trend in Australia.

Don’t sit back and leave the rest Australia have all the fun. Talk to the best personal loan brokers at Positive Lending to compare any caravan loan, boat loan, or personal loan Australia-wide and get your application rolling today.

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Positive credit solutions
Positive credit solutions

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