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Finding fitness: climbing

Danna Bertel

Finding the time and motivation to exercise has been a chore for me, so I tend to find exercise opportunities in otherwise fun activities. We went climbing on a trip with friends and I was surprised to be exhausted at the end. If you look deeper, climbing offers a workout with fun. It’s a physically demanding activity that combines both cardio and strength.

Climbing is a full body workout that requires you to use your whole body to keep climbing and hopefully reaching the summit. Your arms, legs and glutes are all combined to pull you up and support you so as not to fall in this adventure. Your brain can also play along in this exercise. When climbing on the rock, you need to decide which stop you can step on to continue climbing, or whether you will reach a specific stop. Choosing to move left, right, or up can improve your cognitive skills and the way you process information. Climbing is also a great way to relieve stress by delving into the activity by focusing on reaching and climbing.

According to Michael Smith, Senior Medical Director at WebMD, climbing can be mentally and physically challenging to avoid boredom while exercising.

Another benefit of climbing is the increase in flexibility. Climbing requires a multitude of movements that are necessary in order to temporarily reach the handholds from a comfortable distance. Climbing is a strenuous exercise that will increase your heart rate, help you burn calories, and improve your endurance. You can also improve your balance and coordination by climbing. Being able to navigate through various handholds and steps without falling can be a challenge. Climbing requires hand and foot coordination while keeping track of where you started and where you are going.

According to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention, climbing health provides benefits in cardiovascular activity, reduces stress, and may reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise, you can try climbing spots near you with your friends. You can challenge yourself or even overcome your fear if you are not that comfortable with heights. Maybe you’re tired of the same workout routines and want to try something new. Fortunately, NSU offers a climbing wall in the RecPlex that is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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