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The Ontario government has released the legislative change to the regulations that will specify what outdoor facilities and activities can reopen from 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

The regulations take the form of an amendment to the Ontario Reopening Act and an amendment to Ontario Ordinance 82/20 (Rules for Areas in Level 1).

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1.Section 37 of Appendix 2 of Ontario Ordinance 82/20 is repealed and the following is replaced:

37. (1) Marinas, boat clubs and other organizations that maintain docking facilities for members or patrons that meet the following conditions:

1. Any clubhouse, restaurant, pool, community steam room, sauna or hot tub, meeting room, fitness center or other recreational facility on the premises must be closed to the public, with the exception of some areas that,

I. is used to provide first aid services,

ii. is used to provide a take-out or delivery service,

iii. contains a laundry room or

iv. provides access to an area described in subparagraphs i, ii or iii.

(2) For the sake of this safety, nothing in this Regulation prevents any person responsible for a marina, boat club, or other organization that maintains docking facilities for members or customers from operating a grocery or grocery store on the premises, or To deliver fuel, boats or fuel, repair and maintenance of watercraft, docking of boats or watercraft, and launching of boats or watercraft.

2. Section 4 of Annex 3 to the Regulation is withdrawn and the following replaced:

Recreational facilities
4. (1) Any person responsible for an indoor or outdoor recreational facility that does not comply with this section and that is not an indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness facility that is open in accordance with Section 48 of Appendix 2 must make sure that it is closed.

(2) The following outdoor leisure facilities can be opened if they comply with Paragraph 3:

1. Parks and recreation areas.
2. Baseball diamonds.
3. Beater cages.
4. Football, soccer and sports fields.
5. Tennis, platform tennis, table tennis and pickleball courts.
6. basketball courts.
7. BMX parks.
8. Skate parks.
9. Golf courses and driving ranges.
10. Frisbee golf courses.
11. Bike paths and bike paths.
12. Riding opportunities.
13. Shooting ranges, including those operated by rod and weapon clubs.
14. Ice rinks.
15. Tobogganing.
16. Snowmobile, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, ice skating and snowshoeing trails.
17. Playgrounds.
18. Parts of parks or recreation areas with outdoor exercise equipment.
19. Archery ranges.
20. Start of boats and watercraft.
21. Lawn playgrounds, including lawn bowling, bocce and croquet courts.

(3) An outdoor leisure facility described in paragraph 2 may only be opened if

(a) Anyone entering or using the amenity shall maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from any other person using the amenity.
(b) Team sports are not practiced or played as part of the convenience;
(c) other sports or games where people are likely to come within two meters of each other are not practiced or played within the convenience; and
(d) Locker rooms, locker rooms, showers, clubhouses, restaurants, pools, meeting rooms, fitness centers, or other recreational facilities on the premises will remain closed unless they provide access to an equipment store, laundry room, or any part of the amenity that is being used to provide first aid.

(4) Pursuant to paragraph (3) (a), persons who are all members of the same household, or another person from outside that household who lives alone, or a caregiver for a member of the household, must be at least a physical distance apart of at least one Keep household two feet apart while in the amenity.

(5) Clause (3) (d) does not prohibit a restaurant on the premises from offering a take-out or delivery service.

(6) Each person who is responsible for a boat or watercraft ensures that the members of the group are all members of the same household or another person from outside that household when a group of persons uses this boat or watercraft together for recreational purposes lives alone or as a carer for a member of the household.

(7) Paragraphs 3 (a), (b) and (c) do not apply in relation to any amenity or a particular area of ​​a convenience during any time when the amenity or the particular area is used solely by who are Athletes, coaches and officials who train or compete in order to become part of Team Canada at the next Summer or Winter Olympics or Paralympic Games, if the persons

(a) identified by a national sports organization either funded by Sport Canada or recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee or the Canadian Paralympic Committee; and
(b) exercise, compete, train, or officiate in accordance with the national safety protocols referred to in section (a).

3. Article 1 (1) (c) of Annex 4 to the Regulation is revoked and replaced by the following:

(c) an organized public event or an outdoor social gathering of more than 5 people, including a social gathering in connection with a meeting described in section (d); or


4. This Ordinance shall enter into force late 22nd May 2021 and on the day of its filing.


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