Hydro Flask’s outside dinnerware is ideal for tenting and picnics


Certain pandemic habits need to persist. Some are not. Hoard product? Lose it. Do you wash your hands more often? Keep it. Doom scrolling? Leave it behind Out into nature? A total keeper.

Hydro Flask – the brand behind those colorful vacuum-insulated water bottles that can be found on hiking trails (and VSCO girl food) – has launched a new Outdoor Kitchen collection to ensure you don’t go hungry in the wild. Whether you’re camping or picnicking in the park, the company’s multi-part dining collection has everything you need for serving, eating, and storing leftovers.

[Photo: courtesy Hydroflask]The entire collection includes an insulated set of stackable bowls with lids, utensils, plates and a 12-ounce mug – perfect for morning coffee or a late-night fireplace cocktail. (Or, you know, a stealth beer in the park.)

Hydro Flask’s design and research teams developed the collection through backyard experimentation. They opted for design elements like serving bowl sizes through cookouts and outdoor adventures on their own campus in Bend, Oregon.

Industrial designer Jarett Volkoff says the collection is designed to meet a need for camping experiences. “There are two worlds for food and camping products: either hand-me-downs that are 20 years old, or paper plates and plastic goods,” he explains. “We wanted to create new and unique shapes that wouldn’t compromise usability.”

[Photo: courtesy Hydroflask]With the exception of utensils and serving spoons, every outdoor kitchen item benefits from Hydro Flask’s double-walled insulated TouchShield technology, which keeps hot food hot, cool food cool and your hands at room temperature. It also means you can safely travel with your vat of potato salad while basking in the sun. (Just me?) And since everything is made of stainless steel, your kit will remain dirt and odor free even if it’s left on the back of your RV for the weekend.

The Outdoor Kitchen collection also offers clever multitasking design quirks – or, as Volkoff puts it, “hidden delightful elements”. The outdoor tumbler has internal markings that can serve as a measuring cup. The plate has a silicone silencer to reduce the rattling of utensils when eating. The bowls are sized so that they can be stacked together like a Russian doll. But the full size paraphernalia are just paraphernalia. “We didn’t want to make a Swiss Army Knife,” explains Volkoff.

[Photo: courtesy Hydroflask]The idea was to create a lifelike dining experience that feels more like roughing. This also applies to the colors of the collection, which Hydro Flask’s design director John Cupit has chosen to add variety but also improve the design. In contrast to Hydro Flask’s water bottles, which dominate VSCO girl culture in neon colors and patterns, the outdoor kitchen’s three colors – neutral birch, traditional olive, and bright and friendly pineapple (a soft canary yellow) – were chosen to blend in seamlessly integrate the clients lifestyle.

“Hydration is more about the personality of the user,” explains Cupit. “These products are designed to last. We want them to still look fresh and new five years from now. “

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