‘It’s the fitting factor to do’: Mayors of Brampton, Mississauga need outside leisure services opened


Despite the provincial government’s ongoing stay-at-home order that has closed outdoor recreational facilities, Mississauga and Brampton mayors say they should reopen.

“Restrictions on outdoor recording. need to be raised. This is the right thing, ”Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said on Twitter on May 11th.

The mayor also said that allowing people to enjoy recreational activities outdoors is good for mental health and that it is safe to do so with proper precautions, as recommended by the Ontario Science Table.

That sentiment is shared by Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, who said the provincial government should listen to science during an interview with CP24 on May 10th.

“I haven’t heard a doctor in the Peel region say it makes sense to close the grounds,” he said.

The third state of emergency in Ontario was extended on April 16. Among other things, basketball and tennis courts, sports fields, skate parks, baseball diamonds, outdoor picnic areas and parts of parks with outdoor fitness equipment have been closed.

The order also included the closure of playgrounds, but was reversed a day later after an outcry from the public.

Encouraging and normalizing outdoor gatherings where physical distance is maintained can help combat feelings of COVID-19 fatigue, according to a report released by Science Table on April 29.

A second report from the table on the road ahead to fight COVID-19 in Ontario, released April 20, stated that “Maintaining social connections and outdoor activities are important to our overall physical and mental health “And advocated,” Keeping playgrounds open and clear Promote safe outdoor activities. ”

Although the Peel Region’s health officer, Dr. Lawrence Loh, who has not commented on the situation recently, said on April 28 that reopening facilities was a “challenge” and that he did not want to send mixed messages to the public.

Loh gave the reasons the third wave is still ongoing in Peel and that public health is pushing the embassy to rally for only essential purposes why he would not ask the province to reverse the order.

“While I realize that closing might not have been my first priority, I think reversing at least at this point in the third wave is a little challenged by our current situation,” he said at the time.

The provincial appointment is expected to end on May 20th. While there are no announcements yet, the stay at home order is expected to remain in effect through early June.



Dr. Peter Jüni and Toronto City Council, @JoshMatlow, joined the head of the Ontario Science Table, @JoshMatlow, tonight to advocate the opening of recreation and outdoor sports. It is good for physical health, mental health, and public health equity. pic.twitter.com/IJOywZAzuX


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