Jay’s Sporting Items 50th Anniversary Giveaway Half 2


Jay’s Sporting Goods has teamed up with 9 & 10 News to bring you two hunting giveaways to celebrate their 50th anniversary: ​​Just in time for this fall!

The competition opens on Monday October 25th, so check back soon!

Jay’s Sporting Goods has been here in Northern Michigan since 1971: equipping millions of them prepare for outdoor activities! The store is celebrating this autumn with two fantastic competitions: the second starts on October 25th at 8 a.m. and ends on November 15 at midnight. A winner will receive a Deer Camp Kickoff Package including a Jay’s Sporting Goods Blaze Orange Ball Cap, a $ 50 Jay’s Sporting Goods Gift Card, a Rapid River Knifeworks Jay’s 50th Anniversary Mini Caper Maple Knife, a TekMat 42 × 25 Doormat, and a Henry Repeating Arms GOLDEN BOY 22LR 50. Rifle: valued at over $ 800 in total! No purchase necessary: ​​enter HERE! Then check out Michigan This Morning on November 17th to see who won!

Visit Jay’s Sporting Goods homepage to learn more about their passion and support for generations of outdoor enthusiasts across Michigan: https://jayssportinggoods.com/

* The winner must claim prizes at Jay’s Sporting Goods and meet all required state and federal licensing criteria to receive the rifle.

Jay’s Former 5th Street is located in Clare, MI

Original store in Jay & Arlene Poet’s garage on 7th Street: Clare, MI



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