Leisure tenting ban, provincial border restrictions prolonged


A number of emergency contracts due to expire this week have been extended, including the ban on recreational camping and restrictions on provincial borders.

Last week, Ontario extended nine orders scheduled through June 2 when the provincial home stay order was canceled. The affected orders are now valid until at least June 16.

The orders that last longer are:

  • Enforcement of COVID-19 measures
  • Compliance mandates for retirement homes
  • Redeployment for local health integration networks and Ontario Health
  • Hospital patient transfer, which enables the transfer of patients regardless of whether or not the transfer was approved by the substitute’s patient. To qualify for this, the transfer must respond to a sharp surge, allow the hospital to optimize the availability of critical and acute care resources, or help another hospital optimize the availability of those resources or make the foreseeable risk more severe Reduce bodily harm to a person.
  • Closure of public land to recreational camping
  • Restrictions on who can travel to Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec. The list of valid reasons for entering the province from these points can be found here.
  • Word redistribution for independent healthcare institutions
  • Regulated Health Professionals
  • Agreements between health care providers and retirement homes

If the stay at home order ends on June 2, the provincial emergency brakes will remain in place until Ontario enters the first stage of the reopening roadmap. This is expected to take effect on June 14th. The province’s gradual reopening will be based on the province’s vaccination rates and key public health and health indicators.

Some restrictions on outdoor recreation were lifted on May 22nd.

Outdoor facilities such as golf courses, tennis courts, soccer and other sports fields, basketball courts and skate parks are now open. The limit for outdoor gatherings has also been increased to five.

Outdoor dining and non-essential retail stores will remain closed until the new phased plan begins.

Schools remain closed for distance learning. An announcement on schools is expected this week.

The full list of advanced orders can be found here.


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