Longer-term tenting choice wanted | Letters To The Editor


The Oak Hollow Campground is currently not available for more than 21 days at a fixed price per night. I would like to encourage the city to consider longer term camping for selected locations and with selected criteria for those looking to camp for longer term.

We have a lot of people moving to our area who may want to camp long term if they are looking for suitable accommodation. Many people moving to other areas choose to do so instead of staying in hotels or motels, which is a more expensive option. Many of the local long-stay motels are also used by others who, for various reasons, are losing their housing or cannot secure affordable housing. There are drug and crime problems in many short stay motels that are less expensive, as I’m sure you know.

A longer term camping option would be a good choice for local residents who may be undergoing renovations or being evicted due to damage to their homes. My family has personally experienced this problem in the past and our only option was to stay with relatives or rent an expensive furnished apartment – which we were evicted from after the furniture market arrived. A longer term camping option would have been a good solution.

The use of selected, little-used areas (e.g. the overflow property) for longer-term camping would generate additional income for the city. Hopefully the monthly rate is closer to 50% of the daily camping rate. Food for thought and to generate more income for High Point, P & R and this beautiful campsite!


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