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Los Angeles Swimwear

The bathing suit is an indispensable piece of every woman wardrobe. However, choosing the right piece can become a real challenge, as there is little to hide. Women usually focus on hiding their attributes, thinking they’re not fit enough to wear in a bathing suit.

But don’t you think it’s time to change? Regardless of your body, some clues will help you cause that “wow effect” you’ve been dreaming of. First, you must free your mind and think outside the box. Also, following a couple of tips will make a real difference to your appearance.

How To Select An Impact Swimsuit?

What type of body do you have?

There are a few tips to help you know what kind of pieces will help you look glowing according to your body type:

  1. Hourglass: this type of girls have a narrow waist, and their hips and bust are at the same height. The objective when selecting the outfits is that you maintain the balance of your curves. To do this, you can use almost anything, without limitations. A good selection would be Brazilian bikinis or triangular shapes, which highlight the harmony of your body.
  2. Triangular: also known as pear shape, they are ladies that have wide hips, and narrower shoulders. Girls whose busts are smaller also fall into this class. Your objective will be to generate a balance, making your upper part more noticeable. To do this, you can make a game of colors, where the most prominent are above. They also serve pieces with decorations on the top and smooth fabrics below.
  3. Inverted triangle: this is just the opposite type of women, i.e., their bust stands out more than their hips. Like the previous case, the goal is to minimize the impact of your shoulders and bust and highlight the bottom, using striking colors, or trimmings. If you want more advice from the best Los Angeles’ Swimwear designers & dealers contact us; At Reign Swimwear we will be happy to help you.
  4. Athletic: the shoulders, the hips, and the joint are at the same level. Usually, sports girls have this type of figure. In that case, you have to select models that mark the curves. The pieces must have resources such as a low-waist cut to lengthen the torso. Halter tops or breast trims are also ideal.
  5. Curvilinear: They are super curvy bodies or plus size. In this case, you must strategically show the skin and highlight your charms. You need pieces with super high-waist bottom parts and low cuts on the leg. Besides, tops with rods and lots of support, halter straps or thick and strapless cuts but with support will help you look radiant and spectacular.

Select A Avant-Garde Designer

Once you know what kind of pieces to choose, the second goal is to choose a designer who will help you take you to the next level. You must choose a supplier whose pieces go beyond the conventional, whose swimwears allow you to be daring, always maintaining elegance.

The pieces should be of the highest quality. Besides the models and cuts must be spectacular and unusual. In this way, you will be able to make a difference that will make everybody’s eyes turn wherever you go. If you want to have the most impressive and avant-garde Los Angeles’ Swimwear models, Reign Swimwear has the most exclusive for you. Let our pieces wrap you up, and help you get out of the standard spectacularly. Contact us.

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