Monofilament line and fishing hooks perilous for birds, marine life | Mile Markers


To help prevent monofilament fishing lines and hooks from entangling and killing marine life, especially pelicans, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers the following tips:

• Do not feed pelicans or other wildlife.

• Dispose of the monofilament cord properly. Keep unwanted lines safe until they can be recycled.

• Do not leave fishing lines unattended.

• Avoid throwing near trees, utility lines, and other areas where lines can become entangled.

• Check the device frequently for frayed cords that can break.

• Avoid cutting the line when a pelican is hooked. If possible, remove the hook carefully, otherwise contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Find one at;; and

• Use fish scrap repositories if available. If not, throw fish scraps in a trash can or at home.


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