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GRAFTON – Family Fishing and Camping at 790 Family Drive, Grafton provides a safe, clean environment for families to forget their worries as they watch their lines land on the water for the season.

Family Fishing and Camping has held 14 tournaments so far this year where anglers have been challenged to bring in those big catches, and the owners say each has been as successful as the last, and each event attracted over 20 participants.

Although the tournaments have an excellent turnout, the Morris family is always happy to see new faces enter.

The site’s next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, July 31st. From 6:00 p.m. to midnight, fishermen and fishermen will cast their reels to catch the biggest catfish in the Big Cat Bang tournament.

The catfish tournament is also offered on Saturday, August 7th, and anglers are invited to participate in the $ 25 pro-pole tournament on Tuesday, August 10th, also from 6:00 p.m. to midnight.

And while the tournaments are a huge draw for family fishing and camping, the business has a lot more to offer.

Family Fishing was the lifelong dream of the late Stuart McQuain, who was inspired by the joy of hearing and hearing from a young child making their first catch to start the business.

Work began in 1999 and Family Fishing and Camping officially opened in 2000, accepting reservations for year-round campsites.

Though he lost his wife Barbara, in December 2004, continued building McQuain Family Fishing to complete a bait shop and add two one-bedroom cottages, fishing camp, bathhouse, and 82 year-round pitches.

After seeing his dream come true, McQuain died in August 2008, leaving Family Fishing and Camping in the very capable hands of his daughter Crystal McQuain Morris, her husband Ralph, their three children and four grandchildren.

According to their website,, Family Fishing is and will always be family owned and operated; invites local families to enjoy the peaceful pastime of camping and fishing.

The site has four large ponds of bluegill, carp, sunfish, perch, and catfish, making it the perfect spot for young anglers to catch almost any cast.

Looking for a weekend getaway? This haven is also found at Family Fishing and Camping, which has one of the many great locations to choose from, offering seclusion and breathtaking views of the West Virginia Hills and the property’s manicured ponds.

There’s also plenty to keep kids busy with a playground and gazebo on-site.

“With our great sites, amenities, and affordable prices, sites are moving fast. Call now to book your annual, monthly, weekly or nightly stay, ”recommends the website.

The bait shop also offers the essentials for anglers and campers as well as ice cream and snacks.

So when summer comes to an end, be sure to spend a day or weekend making memories with Family Fishing and Camping, where family and fun come first.

The square is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Regular fishing is $ 8 for adults with a two rod limit, and children 10 and under can cast a line for free.

For more information or questions, call them at 304-265-1000.


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