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New Alachua County leisure land use code might hold West Finish Golf Course from changing into extra housing


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GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) – A new land order could mean that the now closed West End Golf Course at least stays green and doesn’t become another residential lot east of Interstate 75.

The change in terminology of the land legislation was decided unanimously by the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners. After just word of mouth that the West End property was being discussed, residents around the property came out to discuss the motion, resulting in well over thirty minutes of public comment in person and through Zoom.

The new name means that private properties such as golf courses and the former West End are for recreational or future recreational use only. Public lands such as Squirrel Ridge and Veterans Memorial Park also received the award.

District Chairman Ken Cornell said the course and other similar courses were special to him.

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“There I learned to play golf on a nearby golf course. I want you all to know this. And I want you all to know that it is very important to have guidelines in place for the use of recreational areas, especially as we continue to grow, ”said Cornell.

Here are the criteria for the award as presented during Tuesday’s special board meeting

Objective 10.1 The recreation land use category shall be created to provide a range of private and public outdoor recreational activities in Alachua County that are subject to the standards and guidelines contained in this section. The recreation country category includes:

• (1) State property with activity- or resource-based recreational facilities, historical sites, forests, cemeteries, or wildlife management or conservation areas.

• (2) Privately owned land with golf courses, cemeteries, or sanctuary or wildlife management or sanctuary. Permitted uses are resource-based recreation and silviculture. Activity-based recreational facilities are included if the location is within the urban cluster or a rural cluster.

This move could mean that the former course would be protected from further residential developments in, around and through the West End.

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