Newport climbing centre getting ready to reopen as soon as extra


Karl Smith of Newport Rock

Newport Rock, operating from a unit outside the Springfields Industrial Estate in Newport, will reopen for the first time in months next Monday, April 12th.

It follows the Prime Minister’s confirmation this week that indoor recreational and fitness facilities can reopen according to the government’s roadmap from Covid Lockdown.

The center will open as usual from 4 p.m., with similar hygiene and safety rules.

Owner Karl Smith said, “In terms of Covid compliance, it will be pretty much the same as it was before [the most recent lockdown].

“We’re going to ask people to wear masks when they’re not climbing and use liquid chalk.”

Many of the changes made between locks last year will be implemented again starting next week.

A screen was installed in the reception area of ​​the center last year and climbers were asked to change their way of moving around the center to reduce the risk of transmission.

Powdered climbing chalk is no longer allowed and high alcohol liquid chalk is now mandatory and sold in the center.

For safety reasons, the number of people who can enter the center at the same time is limited, but this limit has not yet been reached.

“I’m just looking forward to opening up again and hopefully seeing people again,” said Mr Smith.

There are no plans to introduce a climber booking system as other centers around the country have, but visitors to Newport Rock are encouraged to arrive as ready to climb as possible to reduce the risk of mingling.

Gyms and other indoor fitness facilities will also open again from Monday.


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