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Nice Outside Colorado launches “Simply 20 Minutes Outdoors” marketing campaign


GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO) – A group called Great Outdoors Colorado has launched a new campaign to increase the amount of time children spend outdoors.

It’s called “Only 20 Minutes Outside”. The group says their goal is to reconnect children with nature and the outdoors, as Great Outdoors Colorado believes this will help with any mental health issues that affect children.

Research shows that even 20 minutes of outdoor recreation can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in all age groups, but especially in children.

“There are several studies that suggest that spending time outdoors can affect mental health,” said Jackie Miller, executive director of Great Outdoors Colorado, adding, “It’s not just for kids, it’s for people of all ages. “

The 20 Minutes Outside campaign is part of a larger Great Outdoors Colorado movement to bring kids fun and easy ways to get outside. This movement is called Generation Wild, and they have coalitions in 12 Colorado counties, including Delta and Garfield.

The program also has a new list called 20 Ideas For 20 Minutes Outside, which includes a variety of different ways for kids to have fun outdoors. It touches on how certain activities can improve your mental health in different ways. You can find this list here.

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