Nonprofit headed by man who was homeless steps in as tenting ban progresses


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin Camping Ban Phase 2 is underway, and that means the Austin police will begin writing warnings and handing out quotes.

For local nonprofits working with the homeless, this is an opportunity to connect people with resources.

Every Sunday, Anthony Jackson distributes food and water to people living in the homeless camp on the corner of Cesar Chavez and San Marcos Streets.

City of Austin is entering Phase 2 of the public camping ban and may issue allegations of repeat offenders

“I’ve experienced homelessness twice in my life,” said Jackson. “Once as a teenager and once as an adult. We’ve been to a number of hotels, cars, and even abandoned buildings from time to time. “

But now as CEO of We Can Now, a nonprofit that helps the homeless, he hopes to get people off the streets and into their homes.

“When I look around and see the tents, I get very frustrated,” said Jackson.

Jackson and his team are working to connect people with the resources they need before warehouses across the city are cleared.

“We contacted substance abuse centers to see if we could work with them,” Jackson said.

He’s also working on connecting people to jobs and even mental health services.

When the camps are gone, Jackson says they won’t stop helping, even if the homeless disappear from public view.

“There is no limit to ‘We Can Now’,” said Jackson. “So if they go into the forest, we’ll be in the forest. Wherever they go, we will follow them. “


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