Pasadena COVID-19 Infections Soar, Climbing By 55 New Instances on Friday Alone – Pasadena Now


Pasadena recorded the highest number of new COVID-19 cases in a day since late January at 55 on Friday.

The last time more cases were reported in the city in a single day was January 31, when 56 infections were recorded, according to the Pasadena Department of Health.

In total, city officials had recorded 11,877 COVID cases and 352 deaths, with the most recent death reported in Pasadena on Monday.

The average number of infections in Pasadena in the previous week reached 32.4, according to PPHD records.

Huntington Hospital officials reported that 16 COVID-19 patients were treated on Friday, three of whom were in intensive care units. The numbers were unchanged from Thursday.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health reported 3,606 new infections and five deaths on Friday, bringing the total count of the county’s pandemic to 1,297,032 COVID-19 cases and 24,676 deaths.

The number of people hospitalized with the virus rose to 991, of whom 20% were being treated in intensive care units, the agency said in a report written explanation. State records showed the total exceeded 1,100 hospital patients in LA County.

The daily positivity rate was measured to be 6.3%.

The increased transmission only makes the need for vaccinations more important, said Barbara Ferrer, LA district director of public health.

“Given the high rate of transmission in the community in our county, our vaccination efforts remain critical to lessen the impact of the growing infection on our residents, including people who are homeless and particularly vulnerable to COVID-19,” she said .

“If you’ve had COVID-19 and recovered, you should still get vaccinated. There are serious health risks associated with COVID and re-infection is possible, particularly from variants of the virus, ”added Ferrer.

“And if you didn’t get your second vaccination with a two-dose vaccine, you won’t get maximum protection against COVID-19,” she said. “All new data on the Delta variant suggests that the vaccines do not offer significant protection unless you received both doses. So please get your second dose this weekend. “

The California Department of Health announced 10,356 new infections and 44 deaths on Friday, bringing the state’s total to 3,840,364 cases of the virus and 63,935 deaths.

The nationwide mean weekly positivity rate rose to 6.4%, according to CDPH data.

As of Friday, LA County accounted for 34% of COVID-19 infections in California and 39% of the state’s deaths.

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