Public Lands, New Out of doors Retailer Idea from DICK’S Sporting Items, Publicizes Assist for Conservation of and Entry to Public Lands and Out of doors Areas Forward of Grand Opening


PITTSBURGH, August 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Public Lands, the new outdoor specialty store concept from DICK’s Sporting Goods (NYSE: DKS), today announced the establishment of the Public Lands Fund, which supports local and national initiatives to protect new lands, improve existing properties, remove barriers reduce access to outdoor experiences and improve inclusion and fairness in the open air.

As part of this commitment, Public Lands, as a member of 1% for the Planet, donates one percent of all gross sales to the Public Lands Fund. The Public Lands Fund, an initiative of The DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation 501 (c) (3), will partner with an initial group of ten environmental charities.

The first Public Lands Store in Pittsburgh Area will be on the weekend of 24.-26. September. A second store will open in Columbus in October.

The first local not-for-profit affiliates created by The Public Lands Fund in the Pittsburgh Region are:

  • Allegheny Land Trust, a nonprofit nonprofit organization that has helped local people save local land in the greater area Pittsburgh Region since 1993 (its lands are here). The Public Lands Fund supports the Allegheny Land Trust’s initial security and infrastructure improvements on the Churchill Valley Greenway, a recently acquired 151 acre green space east of Pittsburgh.
  • Venture Outdoors offers programs that help break down barriers and provide access to outdoor experiences. It offers year-round outdoor experiences to help people practice wellness in nature. The Public Lands Fund supports Venture Outdoors’ Youth Outdoor Learning Lab, which connects children with outdoor experiences by providing physical and mental wellbeing, STEM and environmental education, and exploration of the outdoor industry.

The first local non-profit partners to be supported by the Public Lands Fund in the Columbus area are:

  • The Arc of Appalachia acquires, manages, and protects wild land in Ohio and has saved over 7,000 acres in its quarter century of administration. The Public Lands Fund is supporting efforts to preserve approximately 618,442 acres of habitat within the Scioto River’s lower watershed, which will protect an ancient indigenous earthwork site at Tremper Mound, the largest exposed Glimmer of hope Hill in the state Ohio, built almost 1,800 years ago.
  • Project Learning Tree® is an environmental education initiative that takes students outdoors to learn and connect with nature in urban, suburban, and rural settings. The program inspires educators and youth leaders to take action on sustainable forests and introduces young people to careers in natural resources. The Public Lands Fund supports Project Learning Tree in the Columbus area to connect urban youth with outdoor learning opportunities and to provide resources for transportation, program costs and materials.
  • Friends of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the public use and enjoyment of metroparks, seek public support, and advocate for metroparks for current and future generations. The Public Lands Fund supports the work of Friends of Metro Parks, who offer participants meaningful outdoor experiences with My Brother’s Keeper.

The first national nonprofits to be supported by the Public Lands Fund are:

  • Alaska Wilderness League, which is committed to protection Alaska public land through advocacy and support for biodiversity, wilderness, indigenous communities and clean energy. The 19.6 million hectare Arctic Refuge has immense recreational and ecological value and is an important cultural and subsistence land for the Gwich’in people who revolve around the porcupine caribou. The Public Lands Fund supports the work of the Alaska Wilderness League by advocating the permanent protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and working with the Gwich’in to protect these culturally, ecologically and recreational areas from exploitation and development.
  • The Conservation Alliance, which uses the power of business to protect North America wild places. His vision is a planet where wild places, wildlife and humans thrive together. The Public Lands Fund is a Pinnacle member.
  • The Conservation Lands Foundation, which exists to protect and expand America’s National Conservation Lands, which are vital to the recreation, indigenous culture, the biodiversity of the planet, and the health of our communities and the climate. It brings together the strength and wisdom of its national network of community-based conservation organizations (Friends Grassroots Network) in the urgent struggle to preserve America’s remaining public land. Because if we protect the country, we protect our future. The Public Lands Fund supports the Conservation Lands Foundation by providing grassroots conservation organizations with resources and funding that protect, restore, and enlarge National Conservation Lands in the United States
  • Student Conservation Association building the next generation of conservation leaders. SCA achieves this through paid service and stewardship jobs for teenagers and young adults on US public land. The Public Lands Fund will support SCA’s BIPOC Youth Affinity Crew in autumn 2021 Pittsburghwhere students will work with a variety of local land management agencies in restoring and improving public green spaces.
  • The Trust for Public Land, which creates parks and communal green spaces and preserves land to create healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Its goal is for everyone in the US to be able to walk to a public green space within 10 minutes. The Public Lands Fund is a partner in The Trust for Public Land’s Schoolyard Initiative, a transformative solution to solving parking inequality by providing 20 million Americans with access to quality, local parks.

“At Public Lands, our mission is to celebrate and protect public land for all,” said Todd Spaletto, President, Public Land. “We want to do this in a meaningful way and work with organizations that have already done and continue to do an incredible job to ensure our public lands and outdoor spaces are clean, preserved and accessible to all, to work with our nonprofit partners to carry out their missions Support and work on programs that bring more people out into the great outdoors and take care of our local, state, and national parks and recreational areas Pittsburgh-The area’s store team has already volunteered 224 hours with local non-profit partners restoring, clearing, and breaking new ground in the area Pittsburgh Parks and lots. “

Over public land
Public Lands seeks to celebrate and protect public land for everyone. With retail locations designed to inspire and encourage the need for the outdoors, Public Lands is committed to bringing products and experiences to all explorers to increase the number of people who love and want to protect our public lands. Public land is opened in Pittsburgh in September 2021 and in Columbus in October 2021. Public Lands will also have an e-commerce site for explorers outside of these markets. More information is available at

About the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation
The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit company with the aim of inspiring and enabling participation in sports. It was established by DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. as a private corporate foundation to support DICK’s charitable and philanthropic activities.

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