Swan Metropolis Rotary Membership’s Money and Tenting lottery returns for 2020


Along with the Grand Prize Packages, the Cash and Camping Lottery is open to prizes valued at over $ 460,000, including RVs, boats, accommodations, and more.

Not only does the lottery give people a chance to win some prizes, but they will also see some revenue from the lottery to support these local community groups:

  • GP Catholic Schools Education Foundation
  • GP Public Schools Education Foundation
  • GP Council on Aging – Senior Work and Meals on Wheels
  • Regional EMS Foundation
  • Bezanson Agricultural Society
  • Troyanda Society for Ukrainian Culture and Heritage
  • Grande Prairie Gymnastics Society

Cook says they hope these organizations will be given amounts similar to the Cars for Christmas campaign, and that they have even changed the fundraising model this year in hopes of raising more money for them.

“Historically, we’ve paid a fixed fee, but with [this year’s] We decided to use a percentage for cars for Christmas. The more we sell in this lottery, the more these organizations get and it has blown everyone’s expectations for the percentage of these organizations. “

He adds that they learned a lot about hosting such events through the Cars for Christmas campaign and are bringing that experience to this lottery.

“We definitely pushed online sales. You can order tickets by post and make phone calls. Lots of people took advantage of this, so we made sure people were aware of it, both in our online and social media promotions and in our brochures and everything else we sent out, ”says Cook.

“The other thing is that we have taken a lot of precautions to ensure that the organizations that have been selling tickets on our behalf are kept safe at the kiosk and we have actually had a lot of good feedback on our log.”

This summer the Summer Cash 50/50 and the 10 Days of Summer Lottery are also returning. In the 50/50, a winner will take home up to $ 175,000 with a minimum payout of $ 70,000. Two names will be drawn every day for two weeks over the 10 days of summer and the 20 lucky winners will be offered prizes worth a total of USD 68,000.

All prizes in both the cash and camping lottery and the 10-day summer lottery come from local retailers.

In addition to offering online and calling card sales options, face-to-face sales are returning. The Swan City Rotary Club will build a sales center in the former Hansen Ford dealership at 112 Street.

Online ticket sales will open on April 1st and personal ticket sales will open on April 8th.


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