This Is The Paramount Outside Navigation App For Hikers And Backpackers


Navigating difficult terrain in rough terrain.


Developed by outdoor enthusiasts, onX made a name for itself with onX Hunt, an app for hunters and fishermen that uses map-layering technology to show exactly where the boundaries for public and private land are in all fifty states. Next, onX lets you filter off-road trails by difficulty level so you know where to go with your off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and toys, making it easier to explore in remote and harsh places. As the newest member of the onX navigation tool collection, onX Backcountry is a rising star in the product range.

It may seem like an oxymoron touting a piece of technology for use in the backcountry where being on a digital device is a faux pas, but using a top-notch navigation tool will actually help you focus more on the moment while hiking Outdoors. With the ability to research public and private land in advance and view guide-like content and data (including directions, elevation profiles, and photos) that apply to your specific trip, you can plan your route before you even set foot in the wild.

And if you ever have some dirt under your boots, you can use the offline maps not only to save the battery of your phone, but also to know exactly where you are at all times. The tool is there for you when you find a fork in the road or lose the trail, otherwise you can stow your cell phone in a bag or backpack and be present for the adventure.

Navigation tools are essential in the backcountry.


onX Backcountry is like a hiking companion or a well-informed guide who supports you in your human-powered explorations and keeps you safe along the way. This is all good news for the directionally impaired or for those who have difficulty navigating with a compass or sunlight.

And while there are many great navigation apps out there – AllTrails, Gaia GPS, Guthook Guides, Hiking Project – onX stands out for its combination of beneficial user-generated content, GPS capabilities and point-to-point navigation. The information you get here has been carefully reviewed and curated by outdoor professionals and informed through industry collaborations with content providers such as the Colorado Mountain Club and Beacon Guide Books.

Intuitive and easy to use, this app lets the user immerse themselves directly in trails and data that are labeled by location, season and activity (switch between trail mode or snow mode). Special features include access to weather forecasts, precise private and public land information, innovative 3D landscape maps (as well as satellite imagery, topographic maps, or a mixture of both) and waypoints that can be set by the user to mark and share indelible locations with custom colors , Symbols and photos.

Every hiker or camper in the hinterland must be aware of the forest fire season, which is made more difficult by droughts, wind and exceptionally high temperatures. Outdoor safety should be a top priority, and trekking near fires or through areas of poor air quality is a dangerous risk. The new Wildfire Layer will prove to be a helpful tool.

Do you need a campsite on state land? Are you walking through the countryside How sure are you that the area you are investigating is within the public land border? Find out what your needs are and plan accordingly – the app is available in two packages: Free with limited features and Premium, a membership starting at $ 29.00 per year.

New events

Because the good people at onX play outdoors, they also want to protect nature. A portion of the company’s profits are devoted each year to charitable initiatives that invest in public access to land and recreational opportunities across the country. This month the program is expected to expand and applications for funding will go through a submission process.

“We’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of outdoor recreational activities over the past year,” said Molly Stoeckel, senior communications manager at onX. “But at the same time, access to public land is threatened by the pace of land development. Outdoor recreational opportunities are fragmented, shrunk and lost. Promoting the management and improvement of the access to land and resources that we have is our top priority at onX and the goal of this program. “

The onX ethos absorbs the belief that everyone should have access to nature and nature. To this end, they work with land management authorities, policy makers, land trusts, and nonprofit conservation organizations. In recent years, onX has helped open 58,400 acres of land to the public, in addition to 45km of hiking trails.


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