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Vermont college provides curriculum for careers in out of doors recreation


LYNDON CENTER, Vt. (WCAX) – When the pandemic broke out, many people decided to go outside. As a result, a Vermont school is picking up on the rise in outdoor activities and teaching students how to get involved in the industry.

Lyndon Institute students have the opportunity to test the waters in Vermont’s ever-growing outdoor industry, and learn leadership skills as well.

All of this is due to a new program in their vocational and technical education department called Outdoor Recreation. It’s an extension of their 2018 program, Project Bike Tech. While students can still learn these skills, they also have the opportunity to learn leadership values ​​through classes in the outdoor recreational program.

The curriculum focuses heavily on the environment, winter survival skills, wilderness skills, and orienteering.

Northeast Kingdom School staff say that as outdoor activities become more popular, there is a demand for this type of instruction.

“For better or worse, I think the pandemic caused this too, right, it forced a lot of people outside and we saw the outdoor leisure industry expand significantly over the course of the pandemic and this was for us The time is right to “make enlargement a comprehensive program,” said Jeremy White of the Lyndon Institute.

White also says they may also want to expand into a ski tech program in the future.

Watch the video below to see our Elissa Borden’s full conversation with Jeremy White and Anna Saco about the new leisure program.

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