Wafaa Amer, discovering the braveness to be free


The portrait of Egyptian rock climber Wafaa Amer featured in the short film Hura directed by Matteo Pavana and Pietro Porro.

This is one of those films in which climbing acts as nothing more than the backdrop to something far more important: life in general. And also the freedom to live your life exactly as you want to, regardless of all the difficulties and struggles that lie in store. Born in Egypt, Wafaa Amer has been living in Italy ever since she was 9 and it is thanks to climbing that she realised, and then found the courage, to embrace her passions in order to find her true self.

Amer’s engaging life story is documented in this beautiful short film delicately directed by Matteo Pavana and Pietro Porro. Hura means “free woman” in Arabic, and it is no coincidence that this is the name of the film. That everyone should see.

Link: La Sportiva

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