#Wild4Ogden: Go to Ogden joins nationwide mountain city partnership Pledge for the Wild | Recreation


Ogden has partnered with Pledge for the Wild, the first Utah city to join the National Campaign to Protect Wildlife and Promote Responsible Tourism with other hill towns.

Pledge for the Wild encompasses a number of mining towns across the country who are committed to promoting responsible tourism and creating awareness of ways to give back directly to the wild places in these iconic hilltop towns.

“Whether you are a visitor or a resident of your favorite local adventure spot, Pledge for the Wild encourages users to pause and think about who supports and cares for these wild places day in and day out,” said Visit Ogden, who is also an outreach -Campaign entitled “Wild4Ogden” to encourage participation in the “Pledge for the Wild” program.

Visit Ogden announced a new collaboration with Pledge for the Wild on June 2nd, highlighting the opportunity that Visit Ogden offers in promoting responsible tourism in Weber County.

“Sustainable and responsible visits are a top priority for Visit Ogden,” said Sara Toliver, President / CEO of Visit Ogden, who learned about the Pledge for the Wild initiative through colleagues. “When I looked at this and spoke to the other mining towns involved, as well as the Pledge for the Wild founder and team, it was just a breeze.”

In addition to sharing outdoor principles and responsible tourism tips through Wild4Ogden, Visit Ogden will create a direct channel to share online or text-to-donation options with its selected community nonprofit partner, the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU ) to give something back. Every donation is sent direct to TFNU, so 100% of donations made in Weber County remain in Weber County.

“The opportunity to educate visitors and residents, to partner with and work with the other mining towns about best practices, opportunities and challenges, coupled with the opportunity to meet the Trails Foundation Northern Utah (TFNU), a protector, builder and steward of ours giving back wild spaces made it a partnership that I think has been incredibly rewarding, ”said Toliver.

Wild4Ogden participants can learn more about how to take care of our wild places, donate to TFNU by sending WILD4OGDEN to 44321 or visitogden.com/wild4ogden/, and a series of four vintage-style outdoor recreational posters by Weber County Buy.

The special edition Ogden Area posters by Utah artists at Fox & Raven Studio can be purchased from the Visit Ogden office. A portion of the proceeds from each poster sale will be donated to the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah.

“We are excited to have Ogden join this remarkable group of mountain towns that support responsible tourism in wilderness areas as per the mantra Pledge for the Wild,” said Toliver. “We know how special our game areas are and want to provide resources to support the protection and preservation of these areas for future generations.”

Visit Ogden encourages everyone to consider a $ 1 donation for every mile of trail traveled or every hour spent in our wilderness – “These small donations add up and make a real difference!


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